Complete denture fixed on immediate loading implants price comparison

You probably already know that the cost of dental implants abroad, such as Budapest, Hungary is much cheaper than in your country. And that means you can save a huge amount of money during your dental treatment. We are talking about serious dental work, such as complete mouth restoration of the upper and/or lower jaw with immediate loading implants.

This is why people travel to Hungary for dental treatment. Compared to the United States, where the cost of complete dentures on implants is very expensive. In Hungary you pay a lot less, here you don’t have to pay a fortune. The patient usually saves about 50-70% of the cost. (See the comparison chart below)

Below we answer the question of whether it is worth it for you to travel to Budapest for a complete denture fixed on implants treatment. Considering the additional cost of travel and accommodation. So, let’s get started without further ado.

  • Advanced dental implant service. Hungary is a recognized advanced dental implant service center! Every year, countless people travel to Hungary to save significant amounts of dental treatments. While you save money, you can enjoy the safe and beautiful Budapest. Hungary is globally accredited for its quality dentistry. It is extremely prospering in the midst of modern dentistry infrastructure and state-of-the-art dentistry.
  • Reasonable airfare and hotel prices. A round trip to New York from Budapest usually costs around $ 550.00. One Complete oral rehabilitation, complete dentures (upper and lower jaw) fixed on immediate loading implants can be done in 5 days, or less! The dental clinic is located in the heart of the city, close to the Danube River and it is easy to find 3-4 * hotels or apartments for an average of $ 50.00/night.
  • We offer a free consultation. Most of the dental offices worldwide (including Hungary) do not offer free consultation and inspection services. In the United States, the average cost of consultations and screenings is somewhere between $150.00 and $250.00. This is evidently cost-saving and almost makes your entire dental experience a reasonable quest and being a positive factor in the price of implants.
  • High-quality dental care. You may assume that lower prices lead to lower levels of dental care, which is not true. Immediate loading Implants are well equipped with state-of-the-art equipment and offer the highest level of care. As Hungary is part of the European Union, its dental parameters and guidelines are very up-to-date by EU standards and the same as what you get in the UK, US, France or Germany, but at a much lower price!
  • Excellent value for money. Although dental tourism entails accommodation and travel costs, it is still relatively cheaper and has a better value for money. At the time of writing this, one US dollar was 297 HUF and one EUR were 328 HUF. See the implants price comparison chart below.

Implants Price Comparison for Complete Denture on Implants

Complete Denture on Implants iliDent US
Consultation Fee FREE $250.00
Complete Denture per Jaw $6,500.00 $23,000.00
Flights Fare $700.00 NA
Accommodation (5 Nights) $300.00 NA
Other Expenses $500.00 NA
Totals $8,000.00 $23,250.00

Don’t rely only on our price comparison, do your own research, do your own calculations that will probably be more accurate than ours. At the same time, we are sure that there will be no major differences in proportions.