There two common implant options. First, the one-phase implants, which is performed in one step and the other one is the two-phase implants, which happens in two steps. Which implantation method is more preferable depends on several factors, most importantly the condition of the jaw bone. Let’s see, what are the 5 most important differences between a single-phase, immediate loading implants and a two-phase conventional implant.

Immediately Loaded Implants are bio-compatible surgical components, which are implanted into the jawbone, replacing the original root of the tooth. If you have serious problems with your teeth, if most of your teeth are unsuitable for prosthetic care or if you have a significant bone deficiency, immediate loading implants are the best solution for you. There are two main methods in the implantology, one is the conventional two-phase implantation and the other is the one-phase, immediate loading implantation. Our specialty complete dentures fixed on immediate loading implants.