One-Phase Implants Fixed Dentures - The Real Solution

One-Phase Implants Fixed Dentures – The Real Solution

Why Full dentures fixed on immediately loadable implants are the best solution

There are several ways to replace missing teeth, and whichever one the dentist recommends, most of the time depends on the circumstances. This article will discuss one of the state-of-the-art solutions and explain why one-phase implants fixed dentures are the ideal solution for complete tooth deficiency.

Almost half of the over-50s are forced to wear dentures. Many are ashamed and may find it humiliating to have lost their original teeth, though this may not be their fault. We have to have teeth if we want to live a normal life. If you have it, no one can distinguish a stable, well-made, aesthetic denture from its own teeth. People who have one-phase implants fixed dentures, then you don’t have to worry about talking and smiling.

Those who have removable prosthetics for a longer period of time will find that they are unstable, so they must use more and more dental adhesives to keep them from moving. Denture wearers are aware of the inconvenience of a removable denture. In many cases, it is simply not possible to make a truly stable denture that does not move in the most unexpected situations of life and does not interfere with chewing or taste perception. And a denture that covers the entire palate, even if it is more stable, is extremely uncomfortable.

What problems can an unstable denture cause?

  • Sensitive, sometimes painful, rubbed, swollen, inflamed gums,
  • Impaired taste perception,
  • Digestive complaints due to insufficiently chewed food,
  • Irritation due to residual food under the denture,
  • Harder, crunchy foods are impossible to consume,
  • Changed voice and speech,
  • Lack of self-confidence in private, corporate and business life,
  • Constant feeling of shame, anxiety.

Don’t live like that! There is a solution!
In the case of toothless jaws, there is a method that can be performed in a few days on the lower or upper jaws, which are both fully functional and aesthetically pleasing. This solution is one-phase implants fixed dentures. It is the perfect solution for quick completion. A full oral rehabilitation (lower and upper dentures) is completed in just 5 days! By the way, the name means that the denture is fixed on the implants with special adhesive so it cannot be removed by the patient!

Advantages of one-phase implants fixed dentures over traditional removable dentures

  • The denture is fixed with a special adhesive on stable implants, anchored in the jawbone that making the denture impossible to move.
  • Bite and chewing are safe and effective again, whatever food is consumed, the denture remains firmly in place.
  • With dentures fixed on implants, the power and efficiency of chewing are nearly the same as that of your own teeth, thus avoiding possible digestive problems due to insufficiently chewed food.
  • One-phase implants fixed dentures do not hinder speech or laughter, no need to cover your mouth anymore.
  • The denture fixed on Immediate Loading Implants does not move, does not damage the oral mucosa, it is completely stable.
  • Anyone using this solution will forget that they have dentures since they are so light, comfortable, reliable, and natural to wear.
  • Dentures fixed on implants do not irritate the gums and therefore do not cause gingivitis.
  • Implants do not need to be replaced and remain for a lifetime with proper oral hygiene and constant checking.
  • This type of denture is also the perfect solution for those with significant bone deficiency.

How does the one-phase implants fixed dentures process look like?
During a personal consultation, a panoramic X-ray is taken to determine exactly how many implants where to place. We draw up a treatment plan and outline the expected costs.

For the first time, after multiple anesthesias, teeth that are not suitable for prosthetic care (if any) are removed without pain and the required number of implants are implanted. Then there will be an impression. This is when the color and the shape of the teeth are discussed. After that, the imprint is immediately taken to our dental laboratory, where highly experienced dental technicians make the dentures.

The next 2-3 days will be the frame and denture tests. On day 4, the one-phase implant fixed dentures will be delivered. On the last day, checks and final adjustments are made.

For who is recommend a fixed denture on implants?
For anyone whose own teeth are already unsuitable for chewing, biting, or have lost them. Experience has shown that 99% of patients can have one-phase implants fixed dentures, so this might be the solution for you too. A flawless, stable denture gives the appearance of the original teeth completely in terms of both the look and the performance of the denture.

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