Implantation aftercare - How to take care of your denture?

Implantation aftercare – How to take care of your denture?

Implantation aftercare guidelines about what to do after implantation treatment

Dentures with Immediate loading implants are a fast-track approach for regular dental implants and are outgrowing to be called a promising restorative dental procedure for missing teeth. As more and more people decide to take this prosthetic method, any additional information would be necessary for you. The implantation aftercare post-treatment knowledge becomes especially essential information.

Undoubtedly, dental implants are the most similar to the natural state of aesthetic appearance and chewing function. That is especially true when, as at iliDent, we use original Swiss implants and techniques for dental implantations. Unfortunately, it is not the cheapest prosthetic solution.

That is why we will help you, i.e. by prescribing the steps to care for your mouth and dental implants. So, without any further ado, let’s talk about implantation aftercare.

#1 Take implantation aftercare and health seriously – Just because the implants are artificial doesn’t mean they do not require the same care level as natural teeth. But there are certain things you need to consider for a hale & healthy smile.
– Avoid brushing in the surgical area right after the surgery.
– Consider mild-warm salt mouthwashes. (but make sure it is not so hot).
– Try to keep the food away from the surgical area. We advise you not to smoke or consume alcohol as it severely impacts the healing stage.

#2 Things that you should avoid after an immediate loading implant surgery. We recommend having only cold drinks in implantation aftercare and avoiding hot drinks or food for the initial days. In addition to this, try not to disturb the surgical area with your tongue and not your finger.

#3 Will there be swelling or bruising? You might face peak swelling or bruise right after your treatment on the second or third day. It is normal, but immediately consult your specialist if your pain is unbearable. Please make note that it can reduce swelling with an ice pack.

In the case of immediate loading, implants diminish treatment time and ensure far better aesthetic results than traditional two-phase implants. But can achieve the best possible outcome if we take implantation aftercare seriously. We care for the patient’s needs and provide prudent consultation on the procedure. Since each individual has a unique need, consulting with your implant specialist is imperative.

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