Implant price comparison - 5 reasons why worth traveling to Budapest

Implant price comparison – 5 reasons why worth traveling to Budapest

Implant price comparison helps you make the right decision, in case you need oral rehabilitation

We will discuss implant price comparison – in the case of one-phase implant-based oral rehabilitation. Have you ever thought of traveling to have done your implant-based denture? Have you tried to compare the prices of implants with foreign countries? If you have done, you know for sure that you can save high costs, as the cost of dental care in Budapest, Hungary is much lower than in the U.S. and most Western European countries. We mean serious dental work, such as complete oral restoration with immediate loading implants.

There is a reason why many patients travel to Budapest for dental treatments. For example, compared to the United States, where the price of a dental implant-based denture is exceptionally high, the same treatment is significantly cost-effective in Budapest, Hungary. The patient can expect a 50-60% lower price for the cost of treatment while at the same time receiving high-quality dental treatments. An implant price comparison can convince everyone that this is indeed the case. (See spreadsheet below)

Of course, you need to consider many aspects before traveling, like finding a reliable dental clinic and an experienced implantologist. Needs to find out the total cost of the trip, compare the total cost of a dental prosthesis, and so on. To properly compare the implantation price, you need to know the cost of immediate loading implants and consider any possible aftercare, such as the cost of the permanent denture. But it’s not just the price that matters! If you choose us, an internationally recognized implantologist will take care of you, with a high level of knowledge and many years of experience. We receive patients from the United States and European countries such as Germany, Italy, Austria, and others.

Is it worth visiting Budapest despite the travel and accommodation costs? In this writing, you will find carefully collected information about the Hungarian aspects of an immediate loading implant-based oral rehabilitation, so you can make an implant price comparison and get the answer to your question. So, without further ado, let’s find out.

Hungary is an internationally recognized, quality dental implantation center in the EU
Year by year, countless people travel to Hungary to receive high-quality, and professional dental care complete dentures fixed on one-phase implants. In the meantime, they save money and enjoy the safe and beautiful spas and other attractions in Budapest. Most Hungarian dental clinics have modern dental equipment and work with experienced dentists and implantologist. There are several internationally recognized dental clinics in Budapest.

Acceptable accommodation rates and airfare
A complete oral rehabilitation (upper and lower jaw) is ready within 5-6 working days! It is easy to find accommodation in Budapest and acceptable quality adapted to your budget. Three- or four-star hotels or apartments in Budapest average $ 50.00 per night, not to mention the thousands of AIRBNB accommodations. A New York-Budapest round trip costs about  550.00 USD.

FREE consultation
Most Hungarian dental practices do not offer free consultation and dental examinations, but we do it for free! The free consultation is a positive factor in the overall price comparison of implants. In the United States, the average cost of consultations and tests is between $ 150.00 and $ 250.00. And this means cost savings and primarily covers the cost of more spartan accommodation.

High-quality dental services
Don’t believe that lower prices mean lower levels of dental care! However, this is not the case. Patients receive the same quality treatment as in the U.K., US, France, or Germany, but at a much lower price! We treat our patients with the latest dental equipment, original Swiss implants, and the highest professional standards! Also, since Hungary is a member of the European Union, the parameters and guidelines of dental treatments, so their quality, also comply with E.U. regulations and standards.

Excellent value for money ratio (2020 conversion rates)
Although dental tourism also includes the extra cost of accommodation and airfare, the value for money is impressive as you can expect excellent dental care with savings of many thousands of dollars. (At the time of writing, 1 USD 317 HUF and 1 EUR 348 HUF)

Implant price comparison in U.S. Dollars

Complete denture fixed on Implants

iliDent The U.S.
Consultation Fee FREE


Denture per jaw

$5,990.00 $23,000.00


$700.00 NA
Accommodation for four nights $300.00


Other expense $500.00


Total Amount $7,490.00


Please note that the article contains 2020 prices. The current package price can be viewed here.

As we mentioned earlier, please do not rely solely on the example we’ve created for comparison with complete dentures fixed on one-phase implants. You know prices and other costs in your field more accurately than we do, so do your research to compare the most accurate implant pricing. Your calculations will undoubtedly be more precise, but we’re sure there won’t be much difference in proportions. Finally, we can say that it is worth traveling to Hungary and having your complete denture fixed on one-phase implants done here in Budapest.

Our Articles section contains several writings on dentures, implants, and implantation methods. If you have an opinion about this article, let us know in the Comment section below. If you have any questions, please get in touch with us.
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