Immediate Loading Implants - What are they?

Immediate Loading Implants – What are they?

Full dentures fixed on immediate loading implants in One Day

In our grandmothers’ time, removable, badly fixed dentures that occasionally fell out of their mouths were the only option for replacing missing teeth. Today, there is much more convenient, more aesthetic and more effective prosthetic as lifelong solutions. In this article, you can find answers to most of your questions about dental implants. Especially about the fast, safe, called: Immediate Loading Implants, or one-phase implants which represent the latest technology and make it possible that complete oral rehabilitation can be completed in 3-4 days!

What is a Dental Implant?
The dental implant is an artificial tooth root made from a high-purity biocompatible material that can completely replace the real root. In most cases, the material is pure, titanium alloy. If you have allergies to different metals, there is no reason to worry: titanium is fully accepted by the human body, allergy, rejection has never happened.

What problems do dental implants solve?
– If you have one or more teeth missing and do not want to grind your healthy teeth or wear a prosthesis. Before the implantation revolutionized the prosthesis, in the absence of a single tooth, the two healthy teeth next to it had to be “sacrificed”, they needed to be grinding because those teeth gave stability to the bridge.
– If you feel that the quality of your life has changed because your removable dentures are uncomfortable, you cannot get used to it, it always moves and brings you to unpleasant situations.
– If your old bridge needs to be replaced, but the underlying teeth are no longer suitable for further care.

Why choose an implant?
– Effects of chewing and speech improve.
– Because effective chewing helps digestion, stomach problems also decrease.
– Provides comfort and confidence.
– Positive changes to the aesthetics of the face give younger look.

What you must know about the Immediate Loading Implantation system
It is fast, safe, painless, and good value for the money! “Blood and Painless” prosthesis is accomplished with immediately loadable implants in just a week. That is by itself enough for the more than 100,000 patients worldwide to choose one of the most advanced dental procedures of the 21st-century.

Its success is due, above all, to its speed, in today’s rushing world we don’t have time and desire to sit home for weeks, months waiting for ossification and permanent prosthesis? In the procedure of immediate loading implants, the patient usually leaves the surgery with a long-term temporary prosthesis prepared according to his needs, within 3-4 working days.

Benefits of one-phase Immediate Loading Implants – Why choose it?
– One of the advantages of this method is that it is not necessary to use an inconvenient, removable denture even temporarily.
– Immediately after tooth extraction, implantation can begin,  not necessary to wait until the wound is healed.
– Gentle, non-invasive surgery surgical intervention, so you can avoid cuts, deep sores, and sewing. The implant is inserted (screwed) into the jaw without cutting the gum.
– Also, can be used in case of significant bone deficiency! There is no need for bone replacement, surgical implantation of artificial bone replacements, sinus lift and all of these significantly reduce the cost of the intervention.
– Complete oral rehabilitation (lower and upper dentures) done in just 5 working days!
– The inserted implants loadable immediately!
– No need to wait 3-6 months for ossification!
– Provides aesthetic restoration: Immediate loading Implantation mostly leaves the gum in its original form.
– No need for additional components, the implant is one piece!
– Healing time is fast due to insignificant surgery!
– Due to rapid implantation, it stops the usual bone resorption after a few months.
– Applies to 99% of people.
– You can enjoy your social life again, and you don’t have to worry about dentures moving away while chewing!

Am I fit for Immediate Loading Implants?
Yes, you are! Our research and statistics show that 99% of the patients can have this kind of implantology technic and diabetes and smoking are the non-exclusive reasons.

How does it take and how long does full treatment last?
During the first personal meeting, the consultation and the general health check are carried out, in which case a panoramic X-ray is also prepared. Based on this, we make sure where the implants can be placed. We also will clarify the expected cost of the fixed, long-term temporary prosthesis and the course of the treatments.

During the next step, the patient gets a multi-step local anesthetic, that follows the removal of teeth that are unsuitable for prosthetic care and finally the insertion of the needed number of implants. Immediately after implantation, the impression will be taken.

Then there is another panoramic X-ray that already shows the inserted implants. The samples taken will be sent to our own dental laboratory, where the colleagues will start working on the new denture(s) immediately. Patients are prescribed antibiotics and painkillers, and we provide useful post-surgery pieces of advice.

At the third meeting, the day after the surgery, a frame test follows, after which the metal frame is returned to the lab to prepare the teeth on it. The next day is a tooth test / raw test. Occlusion and bite height refinement also happen.

Usually, on the 3-4th day, the implant fixed denture will be delivered, and you can leave with a fixed, long-term temporary denture(s) These dentures have to be replaced with fixed, permanent dentures, after 6 months or so.

What are the pain relief options for implantation?
Given the invasive nature of the intervention, local anesthesia is sufficient and is most prevalent. The price of this is included in the price of implantation. However, for those who are terrified of dental intervention and have a very low pain threshold, general anesthesia is also possible. The cost of the latter pain relief is not included in the price of implant implantation.

We’ve learned why Immediate Loading Implants another word one-phase implant is the most recommended dental replacement for our patients. Fast, painless, no bleeding, no cut, you can back your original smile in just 3-4 days! It’s also very important: this method can be used in case of significant bone deficiency too!

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