Immediate loading implant-based dentures - Why experts recommend it

Immediate loading implant-based dentures – Why experts recommend it

Immediate loading implant-based dentures are the best solution for replacing missing teeth

There have been tremendous changes in dental treatments in recent decades. There has been a lot of improvement in dental care in general, but there are particularly significant positive changes in the field of dentures. There are still two essential solutions in this regard, the traditional removable-adhesive prosthesis and dental implants, including Immediate loading implant-based dentures. This article will discuss dental implant-based dentures.

A dental implant is a perfect way to replace missing teeth, whether a single tooth, a few teeth, or a complete replacement is needed. Two implant families are prevalent nowadays. One is the traditional two-phase implant that has existed for decades, and the other is the newer one-phase implant, also known as the immediate loading implant.

Immediate load implants have several advantages over two-phase implants. The new word should not mislead anyone, as many dentures have been done with such an implant for decades. The benefits already mentioned are making this type of implant and immediate loading implant-based dentures increasingly popular among patients.

Some of the benefits of immediate loading implants

  • An immediate loading implant is implantable in a single phase. Consequently, the implantation of an implant is a single intervention. The two-phase implantation takes two stages.
  • The immediate loading implant can be loaded immediately. That means, among other things, that the long-term temporary denture made after implant placement attachable to the implants. That is not the case with two-phase.
  • An immediate loading implant consists of a single piece. It makes implantation easier, and the time spent on implantation is reduced.
  • The immediate loading implant can be implanted not only in the tooth bone but also in the jaw bone. This type of implant is also implantable in case of bone deficiency. Two-phase is not.
  • The immediate loading implant is implantable perpendicularly and at a different angle. It is essential in the case of bone deficiency because it enables the most suitable bone tissue to be obtained. There is no such possibility with two-phase.
  • For the reasons listed, using an immediate loading implant most likely makes bone replacement unnecessary.

Perhaps we are close to the truth when we say that immediate-loading implant-based dentures have one drawback: it costs quite a lot. It is not cheap like any other high-value product or service that uses the most advanced technology and materials. Despite the high cost, we can say that the price-value ratio for this type of denture is excellent. A patient with a one-phase implant-based denture can be sure they will get an ideal product for life for their money.

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