iliDent Patient Coordinator Center Budapest - Oral Rehabilitation Less Than 5 days

iliDent Patient Coordinator Center Budapest – Oral Rehabilitation Less Than 5 days

With the help of the iliDent Patient Coordinator, a complete denture can be made in just 3-5 days.

Let’s begin the presentation of the iliDent Patient Coordinator Center with the fact that as its name implies, it deals with the coordination of patients, the recommendation of the most appropriate dentist, especially for those who want to have dental implants. It is also important to emphasize that their specialty is full dentures fixed on immediate loading implants. A complete oral rehabilitation (lower and upper jaw) will be completed in 3-5 days, with a double guarantee!

iliDent Implantology & Oal Surgery Center Budapest - Oral Rehabilitation in 5 days
iliDent Implantology and Oral Surgery Center X-ray

It is also true in connection with dentures that impeccable work is only possible with the right expertise and the use of quality materials. Since making dentures fixed on one-phase implants is teamwork, it is important that all professionals involved in the process are equally good in their field. For example, in vain is an implantologist of impeccable knowledge working with a medium-skilled dental technician. Such a couple is unable to do high-quality work, especially not in the long run.

In all the dental clinics offered by the iliDent Patient Coordinator Center, these professional conditions are met. One of the leading implantologist oral surgeons Dr. Nóra Fazekas graduated in 2000 and has been practicing as an implantologist oral surgeon since 2007. Since then, she’s been internationally recognized as an implantologist oral surgeon, whose specialty is complete dentures on immediate loading implants. She regularly participates in international conferences on this topic as a specialist speaker on one-phase implantation. For the past more than 10 years, she has been performing complete denture treatments with immediate loading implants on a daily basis, thus gaining tremendous expertise and practice over the years.

As mentioned earlier, this type of treatment requires coordinated teamwork, i.e., a trained implantologist with extensive knowledge and experience is not enough, as the efficiency of a system is equal to the efficiency of the weakest link in the chain. Excellent work requires an experienced assistant oral surgeon who is experienced in implantology, a well-equipped dental laboratory, and a trained and experienced dental technician. The dentists offered by iliDent Patient Coordinator Center are capable perform high-quality work continuously and guaranteed because all the important links in the system do an excellent job.

iliDent Implantology & Oal Surgery Center Budapest - Oral Rehabilitation in 5 days
iliDent Implantology and Oral Surgery Center Dental Chair

For a denture to be perfect, additional conditions must be met. A Michelin starred chef is unable to prepare delicious food in the best-equipped kitchen if the ingredients available are of poor quality. This is also the case with complete bridges and dentures fixed on one-phase implants. Quality work requires quality parts, in this case, implants and devices that need to be used during the implantation process. It is quite clear that in the absence of these, despite knowledge, practice, and preparedness, quality work cannot be done.

iliDent Patient Coordinator Center is aware of this and therefore uses only high-quality, original Swiss single-phase implants and implantation equipment. These implants are impeccable products made with the latest technology. The immediately loadable implants used by iliDent are made of high-purity titanium alloy and consist of a single piece, regardless of their shape. The latter fact makes them easier to implant and also safer and cheaper, not like the traditional two-phase implants.

Knowing the importance of the quality of the tools and equipment used for the treatments, the recommended oral surgeries are equipped with branded tools and machines. For example, Planmeca ProMax 3D Plus panoramic X-ray, as well as the disinfectant and other machines. The implantologists pay special attention to the general cleanliness of its surgeries and to ensuring that treatments take place in the most sterile conditions possible. All of these begin entering the institution when each entrant receives shoe cover bags that they must put on their footwear.

In addition to those listed so far, there is one more important condition that has to be met for a full oral rehabilitation (which means a complete lower and upper denture) to be completed in less than 5 days. And this is the precise organization of the workflow. It also depends on little things like the fact that the dental technician is present in person at all frame – and dental tests. The significance of this is that he can see what the situation is in person on the spot and can either correct it right on the spot immediately or later in the dental laboratory. This simple method speeds up the work in an extraordinary way and makes the denture even more precise and of higher quality.

If someone needs an appointment at iliDent Patient Coordinator Center, need to contact them first by phone or online. For foreign patients may benefit from the fact that iliDent willing to prepare a preliminary quote and treatment plan based on a recent panoramic X-ray. This way the personal consultation can take place immediately before the intervention, saving a trip and the associated costs and inconveniences.

In such a short introduction like this, only the most important facts can be told about iliDent Patient Coordinator Center. However, that is for sure the staff at iliDent do their best to make their patients happy and satisfied with their work. And this applies not only to the quality of the dentures but also to their price. That’s why they work with package prices that are free of hidden costs and can also be viewed on the website.

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