Full bridges on dental implants - Come to Budapest to have it

Full bridges on dental implants – Come to Budapest to have it

Fixed full bridges on dental implants the best solution available

Implantology has given the foundation for prosthetic replacement of missing teeth, which is the closest dentistry to mimicking the natural tooth and stands firmed without causing stability issues. Full bridges on dental implants are full-arch restorative dentistry, a much more promising approach than a conventional denture, and dramatically improves the outcomes of dental implant placement. They are more comfortable to wear and don’t dislodge when you laugh.

Although Implantology is a globally accredited procedure for missing teeth, they are least desirable because of the high-priced quotation. The overall expense involved with the process does make it a costly expedition, and many people cannot afford it. The cost of complete bridges fixed on Implants in the USA is estimated to be somewhere around $23,250.00.

Is there a way around for affordable complete bridges fixed on Implants? The good news is ‘yes’; you can afford the best solution for missing teeth. Implants in Budapest are the best choice for a pocket-friendly complete bridge. Budapest happens to be one of the most beautiful and safest cities worldwide and one of the best places to get a pioneering implant procedure at an affordable price.

Complete full bridges on dental implants are available at different places with a fair price advantage. Demonstrated by thousands of patients who arrive in Budapest for excellent dental care and treatment, it is certainly a logical choice for an inexpensive world-class dental service.

Highest Dental Standards that Double guarantee: Quality guarantee, Price guarantee. Hungary is internationally recognized for its high standard regarding dental implants, and most of the clinics have modern, up-to-date equipment and facilities. Budapest is 50-70% less than western countries, and many patients appreciate the excellent value and service they get for their money. Cheaper airlines and shorter travel times make your dental journey economical.

Five reasons to choose Budapest, Hungary for complete bridges fixed on Implants are:

  • Hungary is the no.1 dental tourism destination in Europe,
  • It is a hot spot for dental implants,
  • Serious savings on implant treatment even if you add travel costs,
  • World-class dental standards like in the USA or Western Europe,
  • “Save money” Package-pricing
  • Pocket-friendly accommodation and international flights.

Bridges technology has come a long way and is much more reliable today. At iliDent in Budapest welcomes patients from the USA, UK, France, and other countries (where implant costs are skyrocketing). Our clinic is managed by professionals by an internationally recognized implantologist and carries out dental intervention with the latest tools and equipment. We have hundreds of satisfied patients for whom we have made full bridges on dental implants, primarily one-phase immediate loading implants. When writing the article, a complete bridge on dental implants for one jaw, plus long-term temporary denture, costs 5,990.00 EUR.

The core specialty of our implant center is one-phase immediate loading implants, which is the latest implant technology. It is practical, time-saving, and broadly suited for complete mouth restoration at the upper or lower jaw. One phase implant refers to one procedure only. Compared to the two-phase implant method, it provides patients with an immediate solution for missing teeth.

Moreover, a two-phase dental implant takes 4-6 months, and one phase implant is ready within a week. For impeccable implant dentistry, we utilize original Swiss implants and dental tools. We promise that full bridges on dental implants for the upper or lower jaw and temporary bridges are ready in just five days without severe surgical interventions. Above and beyond, the one-phase implant is relatively painless and has no months of healing or ossification process.

Budapest is a splendid and safe city to visit. A dental trip to Budapest may not be your ideal vacation, but with the rising cost of implant dentistry, you might save thousands of dollars, which you can further use for other good things. You can combine your dental treatment with a pleasing city break if you go with us. Our internationally recognized implantologists with over ten years of experience ensure that every individual gets a viable solution for their missing teeth. Don’t delay your implant treatment any longer. If you are interested in full bridges on dental implants, don’t hesitate to contact us!

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