Dentures with immediate loading implants - Mouth rehabilitation

Dentures with immediate loading implants – Mouth rehabilitation

How is done immediate loading implants-based dentures

For many decades, the traditional two-phase dental implant was the only option for those looking for an implant-based replacement for their missing teeth. One of the most significant disadvantages of the two-phase implant is that its implantation consists of two phases. However, with the appearance of one-phase implants, dentures with immediate loading implants became possible, eliminating the disadvantages of two-phase ones. That is especially true in the case of mouth rehabilitation when one must replace the complete missing tooth. This article is about this topic.

Dental implants
Two families of implants have spread in Hungary. Among these is the traditional two-phase implant that has been used for a long time. It got its name because the implantation takes two separate phases and times. The other implant with significantly more positive properties is the immediate loading one-phase implant. Its name comes from the fact that implantation takes place in a single phase and time, and it is loadable immediately after implantation.

Two-phase implant
The traditional two-phase implant consists of several parts, and the implantation happens in two different stages. With this implant, there is a 4-6 month ossification period, and the temporary prosthesis can only be attachable to them after passing this period. Patients also consider dentures with immediate loading implants to be a much better solution than traditional, two-phase implants.

A one-phase implant that is immediately loadable
When using the immediate loading implant, the crown, bridge, or dentures are attached to the implant within a few days after implantation. First, let’s consider the positive features of denture with immediate loading implants.

1. An immediate loading implant is implantable in a single phase. Consequently, the implantation is a single intervention. The two-phase implantation takes two stages.

2. The immediate loading implant, as its name implies, is loadable right after implantation. That means the long-term temporary denture made after implant placement is attachable to the implants a few days after the implantation. That is not the case with two-phase.

3. An immediate loading implant consists of a single piece. It makes implantation easier, and the time spent on implantation is reduced.

4. The immediate loading implant is implantable not only in the tooth bone but also in the jaw bone. This type of implant is also implantable in case of bone deficiency. Two-phase is not.

5. An immediate loading implant is implantable perpendicularly and at a different angle. It is essential in the case of bone deficiency because it enables the most suitable bone tissue to be obtained. There is no such possibility with two-phase.

6. For the reasons listed above, dentures with immediate loading implants are most likely possible without a bone replacement.

How is done dentures with immediate loading implants
Our specialty is one-phase immediate loading implant-based mouth rehabilitation, which is possible on the upper, lower, or both jawbones. In all cases under general anesthesia, they insert the required number of one-phase implants during oral rehabilitation. The cost of general anesthesia is included in the implant implantation package price.

We do the dentures with immediate loading implants treatment in two parts. The first is the implantation plus long-term temporary denture; the second is the preparation of the permanent denture. In the following, we will tell you exactly how the one-phase implant-based mouth rehabilitation occurs.

First time
– Free, personal consultation with the implantologist performing the implantation. It is an excellent opportunity for the patient to get to know the implantologist, who will once again explain what will happen and answer any questions that may arise. The consultation is also suitable for developing trust and sympathy between the patient and the doctor during the conversation.
– CT and panoramic x-rays.
– Detailed examination of the oral cavity, particularly concerning the condition of the bones and gums.
– Consultation with the anesthetist before general anesthesia.
– General anesthesia.
– Removal of teeth unsuitable for prosthetic treatment.
– Preparation of the required number of one-phase implants for implantation.
– Implantation of the required number of one-phase implants.
– Sampling for a long-term temporary denture(s).
– Preparation of long-term temporary denture (s).
– Fixation of the long-term temporary denture or dentures on the implants. The dentures are fixed and not removable by the patient.
– The necessary control tests.

It is necessary to wait approximately six months between the first and the second visit, but we recommend having the permanent denture(s) made within a year.

Second occasion
– Free personal consultation with the implantologist who performed the implant placement.
– Panoramic X-ray recording.
– Thorough examination of the oral cavity, particularly early regarding the condition of the implants.
– Sampling for the permanent denture.
– Preparation of permanent porcelain denture(s). The permanent denture is fixed and not removable by the patient, similar to the long-term temporary denture.
– The necessary control tests.

The topic of this paper was Dentures with immediate loading implants – Mouth rehabilitation. We talked about two-phase and one-phase dental implants, the positive features of a one-phase implant, and finally, how we do mouth rehabilitation with immediately loaded implants.

Our Articles section contains several writings on dentures, implants, and implantation methods. If you have an opinion about this article, let us know in the Comment section below. If you have any questions, please get in touch with us.
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