Complete dentures and bridges fixed on dental implants

Complete dentures and bridges fixed on dental implants

Complete dentures and bridges on immediate loading implants

Are you in a situation when you lost a lot of your teeth. And the existing ones are ineligible for prosthetic care because of their poor condition, and because of that treatment will only solve the problem for a short period? If so, the solution for you is complete dentures or bridges on immediate loading implants.

Our specialty is complete dentures and bridges for the upper or lower jaw (or both) fixed on immediate loading implants. We guarantee that this dental treatment takes just 5 days or less! And on top of it, we provide a double guarantee. With that, you can have back your smile, but more importantly, you can enjoy chewing and eating again without waiting months to fix your teeth with some other kind of solution.

What do fixed complete dentures on immediate loading implants mean?
We use only original Swiss immediately loadable implants, a prerequisite for our quality work. Immediate loading means that the implants are loadable immediately after the implantation. As with conventional two-phase implants, there is no need for 4-6 months of ossification and healing time.

Fixed means that the patient cannot remove the complete dentures. A complete fixed denture means that it replaces one or two or a few missing teeth but a complete one for the lower or upper jaw. When the new denture is ready and perfect in every respect, the dentist glues it to the immediate loading implants with a powerful unique adhesive. It’s the most state-of-the-art dental prosthesis method known today. It makes the denture look and function natural, just like natural teeth. But there is a huge difference: you will never have a toothache.

Why fixed complete dentures on implants are better than traditional dentures?
Immediate Loading Implants strive to provide high-quality, unconventional denture services. For traditional partial/complete dentures, patients usually have to wait for months for a new set of teeth with traditional, two-phase implants. It’s may not only be annoying but also put your dental health at further risk. That’s why our skilled implantologist strives to execute denture services differently. We provide patients with personalized dental treatment full dentures fixed on immediate loading implants to help them make their life better in less time.

Furthermore, traditional dentures restore only about 20% of the original chewing function. As a result, this significantly affects the diet of the patients. Instead, our dentists recommend considering fixed complete dentures on implants to replace the lost teeth and restore full chewing function.

Also, important to mention that the one-phase immediate loading implant is a solution for those who have bone deficiency problems. When there is not enough bone in the jaw or the quality of the bone is poor. That means there is no need for bone grafting.

Benefits of fixed complete dentures on immediate loading implants

  • They replace your missing teeth, improving your overall oral health and chewing functionality. With these dentures, you can eat and speak better.
  • Missing teeth can also cause your muscles to sag, making you look older. With implant dentures supporting your facial structure, the muscle tone in your jaw, neck, and face is retained and maintained correctly, making you look younger.
  • A complete fixed denture on implants lasts longer than a traditional prosthesis. Patients can retain their implant dentures for an extended period through regular checkups and visit to the dentist.

What should I do if I am interested in fixed dentures on implants?
That is the most up-to-date and most satisfying complete dentures available today. Its important advantage is that it is also a solution for those with a significant bone deficiency. If you are interested in this type of denture, first of all, check out the SERVICES and PRICES page for essential information.

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