Complete Bridge Fixed on Implants - Advanced Implantation Technology

Complete Bridge Fixed on Implants – Advanced Implantation Technology

Complete bridge in 3-5 days by iliDent with the use of Advanced Swiss Implants and implantation technology

If you have suffered tooth loss subsequently and looking for the best and fastest way to restore your lost teeth, you will be surprised to know the number of options that are available for you. Dentistry has evolved over the years and with advanced implantation technology a full-mouth restoration, complete bridge fixed on implants (both for the upper and lower jaw) is easily achievable.

Whether you have lost a piece of tooth or a complete row, it’s essential that you have your lost tooth or teeth replaced as soon as possible to maintain optimal oral health and chewing function.

Complete bridge fixed on implants are the best teeth replacement known today, to replace missing teeth. Modern bridges are made using materials that resemble natural teeth. This allows you to have fixed bridges that look almost as real as your natural teeth. These natural-looking bridges are also long-lasting and very easy to care for.


Aesthetic Improvements
Any type of dental treatment can greatly improve the appearance of your smile by restoring your lost teeth. When you choose to get complete bridges fixed on implants, using advanced implantation technology, you will have natural-looking teeth that enhances your overall aesthetic looks. Replacing lost teeth with fixed complete bridges, it will also restore the overall function of your mouth, allowing you to speak, chew and eat normally.

Protect Dental Health from future damage
When teeth begin to fall out, the bone structure will begin to decline due to the lack of stimulation that it receives from the teeth roots. Complete bridges fixed on implants are designed to act as a substitute for the natural teeth roots to provide this stimulation to the bone structure. That means fixed bridges on implants will not only improve your dental health but will also protect it from future damages.

Safe and it is completed quickly
Thanks to the advanced implantation technology and the genuine Swiss implants used, the complete bridges fixed on implants is extremely reliable and the procedure very fast. Only with one-phase, immediate loading implants is possible a full oral rehabilitation (complete lower and upper jaw) be completed in just 5 days. Since only one-time intervention and the implants being a single piece, it means less inconvenient and much cheaper than a two-phase solution.

It can also be used in case of significant bone deficiency
One of the major advantages of complete bridges fixed on implants is that it can be used with poor quality and quantity of dental bone. This is definitely good news for the older age group, as the quality of the bones and thus the tooth bone deteriorates with age. So, bridges on immediate loading implants can also be a solution for those with significant bone deficiency.

If you are ready to get a complete bridge fixed on implants, we definitely can help you since this is our specialty. We assure you that the job we have done is correct both professionally and in terms of price. We use the latest advanced implantation technology and of course genuine swiss implants. After all, the only thing you need to ask for a free quote.

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Source: iliDent Implantology and Oral Surgery Center Budapest © Copyright 2020


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