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Meet people as they are telling stories regarding their dental treatment in Europe. These are different people, with different experiences that show a broad picture of what you can expect when you go abroad to get your dental work done. Asking patients about their experience is an important task for us, because as we believe this is the best way to spread information about our European dental offices. If you have any question at all, please Contact Us.

The Story of My Trip to Hungary to Have My Implants Done

I have always had problems with my teeth. First it was a slight protrusion of front teeth while I was a kid (of course, the braces helped), then the nasty stains that stayed on to mark my love for coffee and colas, the cavities and then finally the need for implants. When I visited a dentist for routine check-up, I was informed that my upper teeth must be removed and replaced with dentures or implants. This

Real Life Stories - Steve N. California

The idea of moving out of home country for dental care abroad has been around for decades. Dental tourism is now practiced widely in USA. People don't mind flying to a different country for better treatment at affordable prices. The tradition is catching up fast with 'happy stories" and reviews by those who have already undergone dental treatments in countries like Hungary ...

What was the final push that made Laura to decide to see a European dentist

Laura Gibbs had a great time on her best friend's wedding. Even though it wasn't her marriage, she was excited to take part of such an event. A few days later when the pictures were emailed around she was stunned; it was the final push she needed to do something more drastic with her teeth, that she has postponed for a long time.

If you spend at least $2,500 on your present treatment, we provide FREE accommodation for 3 days in quality apartments.

Dr Vincze Jozsef dental implant specialist

What Questions to Ask When Selecting an Implant Dentist

Asking questions is free; making mistakes can be painful and expensive! So, ask questions before you choose your dental surgeon for dental implants. Among others you should ask: will I have teeth during the process? It is a good question to ask: how many dental implants have you done and what is your success rate?

You definitely want to know what should you expect during the dental treatment process, regarding the recovery time and pain; and what steps are involved in the implant process, how long will it take? You should ask what is his or her education and training in dental implant treatment, or will they use anesthesia during surgery, if so what type?  Don't be afraid to ask for before-and-after pictures of patients they have treated earlier?

You also want to know what are the risks of the treatment option you were recommended and at the same time, what are the benefits having dental implants? Do not be shy to ask questions. The only bad question is the one that was never asked.






World Famous Gellert Thermal Spa

The world famous Gellert thermal spa is located in the same building as the Hotel Gellert that was built between 1912 and 1918 in Art Nouveau style. Ever since it’s opening in 1918, Gellert spa remains one of the most beautiful baths in Budapest. References to healing waters in this location can be found from as early as the 15th century.

The hot springs that feed the thermal baths rise from deep within Gellert Hill. Even the Turks used them in the 16th and 17th centuries during their stay in Hungary. Today, Gellert spa shines in its former glory after recent renovations and restorations carried out in 2006 and 2007. The entrance to the baths is separate from the hotel's entrance and is located on a small side street on the right side of the building.

A plastic armband, provided with your ticket, grants access to a cabin or locker and all of the indoor and outdoor pools, saunas and steam baths. The armband opens and closes the cabin/locker by simply touching the lock with it. Private changing cabins (two people can share one cabin) or lockers, which costs a little less, are available. Read more…

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5 Reasons Why Dental and Medical Tourism Exponentially Grows   As per a report in the Yellow Book of Centers for Disease Control and Prevention by Victor Balaban and C Virginia Lee, around 750,000 Americans cross borders for varied types of medical and dental procedures annually! The report was published in 2011. The figures mentioned in the report are expected to grow exponentially. Apart from Americans, people from various other parts of the world such as Canada, UK, Asia and so on are travelling to Hungary, Costa Rica, India, Vienna and Mexico to find affordable dentist.

Dental Implants Cost - Medical Tourism Could Save You Lots of Money   Taking care of teeth is important. Unfortunately, the exorbitant costs involved in the process keep most of us from reaching out to a qualified dentist. No wonder more and more Americans are ready to take flights to a different country for dental procedures. One can easily save over 70% on typical dental treatments such as crowns and root canals. [To Read More Click on the Title]