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Dental Elite and Dental Union really believes in the value of Dental Warranty as a benefit to our patients, especially for those who do lot of work and that require a significant investment. They have seen great results in their warranty program, both financially and with patients feeling better protected. They honor Limited Warranty on dental work, dental products and orthodontic products installed or implanted by Dent Elite or Dental Union.


 1 year   - on Dentures 

 3 years - on Dental visits, cosmetic dentistry, partials and crowns Infrared fillings

 2 years - on Partials 

 2 years - on Gold -, porcelain - and zirconium crowns. (Temporary partials are not included)

10 years - on Implants including: Alpha Bio®, Semados®


Under our Limited Warranty, you agree to take care of your teeth, and follow your dentist's oral hygiene advice and recommendations. You also agree to a yearly follow up visit in one of our offices.


What our Limited Warranty does not cover.

- Any dental illness following and not related to your office visit

- Any misuse, abuse of the dental work, such as biting down on hard items like bone, nuts etc.

- Accidental breakage, damage or destruction of the dental work, due to dropping it or other misuse.

- Dental work performed by other dental professional.

- You do not attend our clinics or other certified practices  for check-ups at least once every 12


- Gum tissue or bone is naturally reducing

- General illness is present which has an unfavourable effects on the jaw (like diabetes,

   osteoporosis, epilepsy, excessive X-rays, after-condition or chemotherapy)

- Smoking, drug or alcohol abuse

- Destruction or damage of the dental work due to an accident.

- Deliberate damage of the dental work. 

If you spend at least $2,500 on your present treatment, we provide FREE accommodation for 3 days in quality apartments.



Center-2-Hungarian-Health-and-Dental-Care.jpgDental Tourism Destination Budapest Hungary

Hungary is actually a contemporary European country with outstanding dental care. The country has a government supported, inclusive affordable health care along with a private system which cost more. Both are guarantees quality health care for everybody. Hungary has especially high standards of dental care, thanks to the system, and the six years of study and training that a dentist must undergo to get their license. Plus, there are additional training and study for specialist like implant surgery. The dentists in Hungary must take courses each year as continuing education.

They must belong to at least one international dental association. In an American standpoint the Center-2-Dent-Elite-Logo.jpgquality Hungarian dental care are extremely affordable. According to a study, patients from neighboring countries dominate dental care tourism in the Western Hungary regions, while Budapest attracts more patients from countries like United States and Canada. The relatively low price with high standard of service is the major motivation for patients coming to Hungary for dental care.

The study also confirms that Hungary has became one of the main destinations of dental tourism, attracting patients from bordering countries but also patients traveling longer distances. Price levels have been a major factor making Hungary an international treatment destination.



Lukacs Thermal Spa in Budapest

Tourists do not visit the Lukacs Spa (Lukács fürdö) as much as others in Budapest, as it is not as extravagant as the famous Gellert spa or Szechenyi. Nevertheless, Lukacs has a great reputation among locals. Those cured have placed marble tablets in the courtyard to express their gratitude, with the oldest tablet dating back to 1898.

When it opened in 1894, Lukacs spa was the biggest and the most popular bath in Budapest. Besides those coming for cures, Lukacs was also a favorite meeting place among writers and artists, and it still remains popular in literary circles. Facilities at the Lukacs include a drinking fountain, with healing water that is helpful for stomach problems, gallbladder and kidney stones.

The thermal water has been bottled since the turn of the century and distributed around the world. Look for green bottles labeled Szent Lukacs (Saint Lucas). To learn more about Lukacs spa please click here

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