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Patients Choice in Medical Tourism – How to Find Affordable Dentist

Dental tourism is undoubtedly one of the most dynamically developing sectors of medical tourism. The trend has helped patients move out of their home country and seek the best dental care procedures across the globe. Development of technology and accessibility to the latest equipment and knowledge has helped patients with a huge number of choices under medical tourism.


Choices for patients seeking dental care services abroad are unlimited. Most developing countries are offering first rate services at affordable prices with guarantee for satisfaction. European dentistry has come a long way. Patients are offered high quality complete dental surgical and implantological treatments, zirconium crowns, dental replacements including prosthesis, bridges, and crowns combined with the most modern medical and laboratory technical methods. These services are offered at a reasonable price.


Medical travelers who seek affordable dental care outside their national borders share a single objective – money. Dental care is expensive in the US, UK, and some of the European countries. No wonder most Americans have been crossing borders for finding bargain deals on dental implants, dental crowns, dental prosthetics, and much more. Some of the major benefits of seeking dental treatments include affordable dentist, guarantee for high quality services, convenience, travel opportunities etc.


When it comes to seeking dental treatment abroad, finding the right dentist makes all the difference. It is important to rely on the best among the sea of dentists claiming to provide the best services. Verifying credentials of the dentist and training details is one of the crucial elements to consider. Reading reviews is very helpful. For example, according to, Hungary is the only dental tourism destination on their list who got four star rating from their patients!


How to Find and Choose Affordable Dentist?

Google Search - The first step in choosing the right dentist begins with online search. For most destinations, you can go for a simple Google search. This will show you dentistry sites. You can also search for client reviews on different websites such as It allows clinics that have passed a rigorous selection process, including referrals from patients and U.S. board certification.


Local Recommendations - Getting recommendations from locals you trust definitely works. This may help you find the best dentist at affordable price. Many people have benefitted by using this method. However, dentists catering to locals may not be active members of U.S. health organizations. You may not get enough reviews or public opinions about them online. So, make sure the dentist is reliable by cross checking quality of services with locals. Speak to as many people as you can to confirm the dentist’s credentials.


International Federation of Esthetic Dentistry - When seeking esthetic dentistry services abroad, it is important to check whether or not the dentist is a member of the International Federation of Esthetic Dentistry. The federation includes 29 organizations across the globe that caters to esthetic dentistry.


Direct Communication - Direct communication helps. You need to call some of the dentists and speak to them directly about your problem, care options, etc. You may request for an English speaking dentist who specializes in services you are interested in.


Enquire about Other Professionals - Ideally, you should also be enquiring about other professionals the dentist works with such as ancillary care expert, laboratory in-charge, periodontists, orthodontists, etc. Make sure these professionals have same level of experience as in the field of restorative dentistry.


Dental Implant

For dental implant, you don’t want to rely on just any dentist. Someone with specialization in the field, adequate experience, and high level of skill will ensure the best service. When looking for a dental implant surgeon, you need to know they have many years of experience in the field, training level, and success rate with previous dental implant patients. Also ask for before/after pictures from previous patients, number of dentists involved with the procedure, time taken and ratings and reviews on different sites.


When it comes to complicated and expensive procedures like dental crown or an implant, patients are willing to cross borders and fly for hours to get the best service. Apart from guarantee for quality, they get an opportunity to save significant amount of money on these procedures and travel.


Dental tourism has been successful in carving a niche in the already thriving medical tourism industry. Patients are ready to cross borders to avail high quality services at affordable prices. With unlimited choices for patients seeking dental care services abroad, people are willing to devote time and fly to a new country. The major objective of travelers seeking dental care treatments outside their national borders is cost. However, one needs to be very careful in choosing a dentist in an alien land. Checking credentials, certification, experience, skill level, and reviews online is important before making a final decision.



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Author: Jim I. Paskuly

We are going to attribute 10% of your airfare price from your total payment after treatment! To be eligible to this offer you have to have at least 5 implants during your first treatment.



Center-2-Hungarian-Health-and-Dental-Care.jpgDental Tourism Destination Budapest Hungary

Hungary is actually a contemporary European country with outstanding dental care. The country has a government supported, inclusive affordable health care along with a private system which cost more. Both are guarantees quality health care for everybody. Hungary has especially high standards of dental care, thanks to the system, and the six years of study and training that a dentist must undergo to get their license. Plus, there are additional training and study for specialist like implant surgery. The dentists in Hungary must take courses each year as continuing education.

They must belong to at least one international dental association. In an American standpoint the Center-2-Dent-Elite-Logo.jpgquality Hungarian dental care are extremely affordable. According to a study, patients from neighboring countries dominate dental care tourism in the Western Hungary regions, while Budapest attracts more patients from countries like United States and Canada. The relatively low price with high standard of service is the major motivation for patients coming to Hungary for dental care.

The study also confirms that Hungary has became one of the main destinations of dental tourism, attracting patients from bordering countries but also patients traveling longer distances. Price levels have been a major factor making Hungary an international treatment destination.



Lukacs Thermal Spa in Budapest

Tourists do not visit the Lukacs Spa (Lukács fürdö) as much as others in Budapest, as it is not as extravagant as the famous Gellert spa or Szechenyi. Nevertheless, Lukacs has a great reputation among locals. Those cured have placed marble tablets in the courtyard to express their gratitude, with the oldest tablet dating back to 1898.

When it opened in 1894, Lukacs spa was the biggest and the most popular bath in Budapest. Besides those coming for cures, Lukacs was also a favorite meeting place among writers and artists, and it still remains popular in literary circles. Facilities at the Lukacs include a drinking fountain, with healing water that is helpful for stomach problems, gallbladder and kidney stones.

The thermal water has been bottled since the turn of the century and distributed around the world. Look for green bottles labeled Szent Lukacs (Saint Lucas). To learn more about Lukacs spa please click here

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