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Dental Implants Cost - Medical Tourism Could Save You Lots of Money

Taking care of teeth is important. Unfortunately, the exorbitant costs involved in the process keep most of us from reaching out to a qualified dentist. No wonder more and more Americans are ready to take flights to a different country for dental procedures. You can easily save on dental implant cost over 70%! On typical dental treatments such as such as crowns and root canals you can save the same amount, using low cost dental care in EU. According to a data collected by medical publisher Patients Beyond Borders, it was revealed that about 130 million Americans live without dental insurance. The reason behind this is enormous treatment costs that insured individuals face.

Each year, thousands of Americans cross international borders to avail premium but low cost dental care at affordable rates. The most popular medical tourism destinations for Americans include Mexico, India, the Philippines and certain EU countries, like Hungary. People fly to these countries for services including crownsdental implants and dentures.


While dental procedures abroad may be highly affordable, there are a number of things one needs to take into consideration. First, you must research on crucial factors such as a strong presence of ministry of health, a forum for health complaints in the country, the experience of dentists, skills, reviews, before/after pictures, and many more.


Finding the right dentist it is not easy and it makes a huge difference. It will help you save on a lot of trouble in the long run. Before you finalize on a dentist, simply search online for reviews, patient referrals, and certifications of find a website like who does all the necessary research for you. Also helps getting recommendations from locals. Speak to people and find out what they feel about the dentist and his skill levels.


Dental price comparison chart is very important. Start by researching on prices for various dental procedures online and their prices in the United States. Now compare these prices with those offered in dental tourism destinations on your mind. You will be surprised to know about the amount of savings you can make by moving out of your home country.


You should also take into consideration other costs involved including traveling overseas for dental care, costs typically associated to international travel, budget for hotels, food, visas, food, and airfare.


Make sure you discuss all expenses associated to your dental work with dentist before starting off with any procedures. You can also plan for a vacation while on dental tour. This will help you save significantly.


When it comes to going for dental care services, European dental tourism will save you lots of money. Prices for veneers, tooth extraction, root canal treatment, braces, bridge, crown etc. are less in European countries as compared to what is offered in US



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Author: Jim I. Paskuly

We are going to attribute 10% of your airfare price from your total payment after treatment! To be eligible to this offer you have to have at least 5 implants during your first treatment.



Center-2-Hungarian-Health-and-Dental-Care.jpgDental Tourism Destination Budapest Hungary

Hungary is actually a contemporary European country with outstanding dental care. The country has a government supported, inclusive affordable health care along with a private system which cost more. Both are guarantees quality health care for everybody. Hungary has especially high standards of dental care, thanks to the system, and the six years of study and training that a dentist must undergo to get their license. Plus, there are additional training and study for specialist like implant surgery. The dentists in Hungary must take courses each year as continuing education.

They must belong to at least one international dental association. In an American standpoint the Center-2-Dent-Elite-Logo.jpgquality Hungarian dental care are extremely affordable. According to a study, patients from neighboring countries dominate dental care tourism in the Western Hungary regions, while Budapest attracts more patients from countries like United States and Canada. The relatively low price with high standard of service is the major motivation for patients coming to Hungary for dental care.

The study also confirms that Hungary has became one of the main destinations of dental tourism, attracting patients from bordering countries but also patients traveling longer distances. Price levels have been a major factor making Hungary an international treatment destination.



Szechenyi Thermal Spa Budapest

Szechenyi thermal spa was the first thermal spa in Pest opened here as a temporary establishment in 1881. As it became more and more popular, construction began to expand the termal spa. The medicinal baths were built in 1913, and the northern wing, with a beautiful Neo-Baroque interior, was completed in 1927.

Today, there are 18 pools, of which 15 are spring fed. In one of the large outdoor pools. You can witness the surreal spectacle of people playing chess while immersed up to their chests in steaming water. As Szechenyi is one of the largest public thermal spas in Europe, it has more than one entrance.

The grandiose main entrance beneath the baroque dome (facing the City Park), leads to the indoor thermal baths, the side entrance leads to the sauna baths and the rear entrance (opposite the circus) leads to the outdoor pools. Although everything is interconnected and visitors have access to all areas once inside, it is recommended using the rear entrance, where the private changing cabins are located. To read more follow the link.

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