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Cheap Dental Implants - How Much You Can Save on Medical Tourism

Dental tourism is defined as a subset of the eminent sector widely referred to as medical tourism. It involves individuals looking for quality dental care treatment and services outside of US healthcare systems. The process may or may not be accompanied by a vacation plan. With advancement in technology, introduction of newest skills, powerful equipment, and competition among various countries across the globe, dental tourism has come a long way. Significant advancement in the field of technology has helped providers in "developing countries" to offer high quality dental care services at significant cost savings as compared to their counterparts from the developed world. Dental tourism in EU offers a wide range of opportunities to patients at way better rates than in the United States.


Aside from dental procedures, technology, and mechanisms for care which vary across different countries, cost and access to dental care are usually determined and subjective of a variety of factors. For instance, in the public sector, the dental care cost is determined either through a set fees scale for dental operations, or by a descending reimbursement scale. In the latter case, dentistry may charge up to a maximum fee from patients. Dental treatment fees abroad are mostly unregulated in private sectors excluding in countries like Slovakia, Czech Republic, and the Netherlands. Dental treatment costs across Europe vary widely between individual countries. These are associated to economic development and status of each country. Besides, costs will also vary within countries according to costs for local business in specific regions. Another major factor that influences cost of dental tourism is dentist earnings. It varies across the EU according to economic development of States. For instance, in Switzerland (non EU member) average earnings of a dentist are about €140,000. On the other hand, in Germany and the UK, it falls in the range of €85,000. In Greece, it falls further to €18,000 and below €12,000 in most of the eastern accession nations.


Dental treatment is a very popular medical tourism procedure. The prices for private dentistry in UK are known to be the highest in Europe. The scale of charges may go up to £214 for crowns and bridges. Hence, it is better to move towards some of the dominant dental tourism destinations such as countries in the Central (like Hungary and Vienna) or Eastern Europe.


Presently, when it comes to price comparison EU vs. US, Central and Eastern European countries are the most popular among tourists. Short low cost flights connect these countries with US. Clinics offer guarantee for high quality and great value treatments combined with excellent travel options in some of the finest destinations of Europe.


Recently, Hungary has earned a status of 'the dental capital of Europe'. You would be surprised to find high quality services, technical advancement, and ultra-modern settings in clinics here. With an aim to attract dental tourists from across the globe, heavy investments have been made in various cities. Since dental tourism is a competitive industry, the clinics and hospitals in Hungary are always equipped with the best and latest equipment. The authorities are constantly on the lookout for improving facilities and services to provide the best to their patients. The staff is friendly and speaks good English.


Dentistry Price Comparison Examples EU vs. US

With dental treatment in Europe, knowing Hungarian dental treatments prices, you can easily make significant savings ranging anywhere from 50% to over 75%. Here is an example chart for prices on dental services from major clinics.






Root canal














Czech Republic


















United States


$700 -$1,500

$800 -$2,000




Listed above are just the tips of the iceberg for the savings you can make via catching a flight to some of the European dental tourism destinations.


Dental tourism has emerged as a popular sub-sector for medical tourism. These days, people from all around the world are travelling to cheaper destinations for dental treatments. Some of the most popular dental tourism destinations include Hungary, Poland, Bulgaria, and Czech Republic. Here, you can save over 75% of costs incurred for treatments in the United States.



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Hidden in the backyard of a Classicist style building in Buda, Veli Bej, also known as Császár Spa, has a rich history. References to healing waters in this location date back to the Roman timesCsaszar Thermal Spa In Budapest

Hidden in the backyard of a Classicist style building in Buda, Veli Bej, also known as Császár Spa, has a rich history. References to healing waters in this location date back to the Roman times. The Turkish bath-house, originally named Veli Bej, was built in the 16th century during the Turkish era. Commissioned by pasha Szokullu Musztafa, this was one of the most beautiful baths of its time.

The original stone building survived the varied history of the ensuing centuries. After the Turkish occupation the bath was renamed to Kayser Bad, Császár Baths in Hungarian, and later it was given to the Order of Hospitallers, that used it for healing sick people. The building, still in use today, was designed in the 19th century by architect József Hild.

Today, this building houses a hospital and a hotel that faces the Komjádi Sport Swimming Pool, another addition to the original complex. The historic Turkish bath-house, which was closed to the general public for decades, regained its original splendor with the recent renovations. To learn more click here



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