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5 Reason Why Medical Tourism to EU is Not a Temporary Phenomenon

Medical tourism is an integral part of medical tourism. It has experienced significant growth in recent years. Dentistry in Europe has specially attained a lot of popularity among people in America and other countries of the world. There are many countries in EU that offer world class treatments at affordable prices. Now the question is whether this trend is here to exist or fade away with time. Experts in the field of medical tourism believe that dental tourism to EU is not a temporary phenomenon.


According to a report by Fox News, about 400,000 Americans crossed international borders in the year 2012 in hope of high quality dental care at lower prices. European affordable dental care has been the winning choice among most Americans. In the past few years, Europe, especially Hungary has been immensely successful in establishing itself as the dental capital of the world. People from all corners of the globe are visiting to European countries like Hungary, Austria, Romania, Spain etc. in quest of high quality affordable dental treatments.


The trend is here to stay. There are several reasons why dental tourism Europe is not a temporary phenomenon. Listed below are 5 of them:


1) World Leader
Europe is definitely the world leader in terms of offering state-of-the-art quality dental treatments at affordable prices. Smaller countries in the continent such as Hungary have long established themselves as leaders in the field of dental tourism. For instance, Hungary, a relatively small country in Central Europe is one of the most visited countries in the region. People love to visit these countries to get dental discount plans and enjoy the wealth of beauty these places are blessed with. Europe definitely stands as a world leader in terms of dental tourism. As per a report by the Hungarian Tourism Office, over 70,000 foreign patients visited Hungary in quest of quality dental treatment in the year 2011.


2) Convenient Location

Another reason why Europe has emerged as a world leader in the field of dental tourism is its convenient location. For instance, countries like the mentioned Hungary borders with over seven countries! This fact opens several possibilities for tourists. Another example is the city of Sopron in Hungary which is one of the most visited places for dental treatments after Budapest. The city borders with Austria and allows for easy travel opportunities for potential dental treatment seekers.


3) Support by Government

Since most of the countries in Europe have worked really hard to carve a niche for themselves in the industry, they deserve applause and special rewards from the Government. For instance, Hungary with its Hungarian Dental Tourism Development Programme supported by the Hungarian Government is a guarantee for reliable dental tourism to Europe with promise for quality at lower prices.


In the year 2011 the Government provided financial support for over forty organisations in the country to help boost possibilities for advancement in technology, research, innovation and so on.


4) Quality Maintenance

This is yet another reason the trend for dental tourism in Europe is here to stay. European countries are on top of the list for most people across the globe when it comes to getting high quality and low cost dental care abroad. Europe has a very serious and professional attitude towards dentistry. Besides, dental tourism is one of the key factors in economy. Hence, most of the focus is on maintenance of quality.


5) Affordable

Dental care services are undoubtedly affordable in European countries. Here, they are promised premium quality treatment under huge cost savings.


It looks that the trend for dental tourism in Europe is here to stay for a long time. Efforts made by Government and Dental organisations together to provide clients combined with best of tourist opportunities and high quality affordable dental treatments are some of the best reasons to support



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Author: Jim I. Paskuly

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