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IDX_You-Can-Get-The-Smile-You-Always-Wanted.jpgIf you are landing on this page you probably looking for affordable dental care and need some information about dental discount plans, in other words, you are most likely someone who knows about medical tourism including dental tourism. Furthermore, you are willing to travel to get quality, yet affordable treatments. If so, you hit the right place: is an informational website and is the bridge between you and your dentist.


We are committed to connecting you to our travel, accommodation and treatment specialists who will work with you hand-in hand to make sure your stay and treatments will be as smooth and enjoyable as possible, starting with welcoming you at the airport. Through this site you can get all of your questions answered, not only about low cost dental care, but also about related services like travel, accommodation and whatever else you need to know about the location you are going to go..


Other than providing vital dentistry related information, we introduce you to our state of the art Dental Offices, like the Budapest Cosmetic Dentistry that opened in 2000.  Since then it has grown by three more dental clinics across Europe two in Vienna and one in Linz. We run our very own highly specialized aesthetic dental laboratory too, which serves all of our dental offices.



Throughout your treatment period you will experience high level of health service provided by knowledgeable and experienced dentists, dental surgeons, hygienists and other dental clinic personals. Among others, there is one more aspect we have to mention here: the cost. If you take a look at our Price Comparison Chart including dental implant cost, you’ll see how greatly beneficial is for you to take advantage of our suggested dental services. It is easily provable with a simple calculation that you can enjoy your stay in Budapest or Vienna while getting one of the best dental services in days or weeks, depending on the type of care you need.


We are available 24/7 through our website, but you can also call us during office hours. So, if you have ANY questions please do not hesitate to Contact


We are going to attribute 10% of your airfare price from your total payment after treatment! To be eligible to this offer you have to have at least 5 implants during your first treatment.

European Dental Office, European Dental Office Locations:.Budapest, Vienna 1, Vienna 2 and Linz



Lukacs Thermal Spa in Budapest

Tourists do not visit the Lukacs Spa (Lukács fürdö) as much as others in Budapest, as it is not as extravagant as the famous Gellert spa or Szechenyi. Nevertheless, Lukacs has a great reputation among locals. Those cured have placed marble tablets in the courtyard to express their gratitude, with the oldest tablet dating back to 1898.

When it opened in 1894, Lukacs spa was the biggest and the most popular bath in Budapest. Besides those coming for cures, Lukacs was also a favorite meeting place among writers and artists, and it still remains popular in literary circles. Facilities at the Lukacs include a drinking fountain, with healing water that is helpful for stomach problems, gallbladder and kidney stones.

The thermal water has been bottled since the turn of the century and distributed around the world. Look for green bottles labeled Szent Lukacs (Saint Lucas). To learn more about Lukacs spa please click here

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